Monday, December 3, 2012

wrapping up our work in Michael R. White

On November 15th we implemented our last intervention within the school. This intervention involved hosting a healthy cooking demonstration within the school. Our final intervention for this project was designed to engage the parents in helping their children make healthy food choices. Early childhood obesity, like other health disparities, disproportionately affects low-income populations. The Michael R. White community is not
exempt from this. A study conducted in October 2012 confirmed the link between family influence and obesity. The study examined maternal age, income, education level and BMI. The most significant finding of this study was that healthy weight mothers were more likely to have healthy weight children than overweight mothers. The findings of this study reinforce the importance of addressing the influence of maternal socio-demographic factors on child weight, in particular, maternal weight.

Keeping this knowledge in mind, we decided to target the parents of the students. We partnered with Bon Appetite for this event. Over 20 parents attended our cooking demonstration, in which we taught how to make a simple stir fry using vegetables and whole grain rice. The parents were really receptive of our education. Along with the demonstration, parents were given a healthy cooking cookbook, that featured recipes which were simple, economical and kid-friendly.

Attached is the video which was made on our project.

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