Monday, December 3, 2012

So loooong CCBH cubicle!

I learned a lot at CCBH. I really enjoyed the people there, and everyone was very attentive to us students. What I learned most about myself at CCBH was that I hate sitting in one place for an entire work day. The cubicle I was assigned to was not for me. I twiddled my thumbs, I did laps around the cubicle farm, I drank extra water so I had to use the restroom more often, you name it- I probably considered it or actually attempted it.

I loved working in the family planning clinic, going on home visits, visiting different colleges and so forth. If it got me out of my cage, I was willing to try it at least once. I loved working with the older nurses who had worked in hospitals for years prior to the board of health; who could tell me a number of different stories about different things they've seen and where they've worked. I liked meeting new people and CCBH helped me do just that... once I could spread my wings and enjoy the outdoors again.

All in all, I really enjoyed my time spent at the board of health. I'll definitely miss the people I worked with there. I'll especially miss my preceptor and the family planning clinic. The clinic was always so interesting with different types of people every day. I'll miss the diversity, but hopefully as I enter my preceptorship and graduate I'll encounter much more diversity down the road that will be just as good-- if not better. I'm excited to start the next chapter in my nursing career and my life. See ya CCBH, so long cubicle... and HELLO preceptorship!

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