Monday, December 3, 2012

Capstone coming to an end

             As we have come to the end of our capstone experience, I have realized Iam excited to move onto preceptorship; but will miss going to the site of Southwest General, for the staff we were lucky enough to meet were so wonderful. It has been very interesting to see what has become of our final project, and everything has come together very smoothly. Creating the poster was without a doubt tedious, but I have learned so much from the process.
            Looking back on all of the experiences I had at Southwest, I am more than grateful for our placement. Even though we had a late start, I rather have had that late start at Southwest than have been at another site. We were able to see such a wide variety of public health situations, ranging from home visits, to community screenings, and even to outpatient hospice. The specific project we developed was enlightening and I hope that the data we have gathered and analyzed, and conclusions we have come to, make a positive impact for the transition nursing program. Hopefully what we have started will provide other capstone groups with information to build off of during capstone projects next year. Listening to everyone else's presentations this morning and afternoon was very exciting.  Furthermore, finally getting to present what we have been doing to our professors and classmates all semester was very fulfilling, thank you!