Sunday, December 16, 2012


On December 7th we had our SOURCE presentation to share the results and findings of our project. We had a poster created to help illustrate our findings about obesity in the Cleveland Schools and we presented the project and our conclusions with anyone that wanted to hear more about our work this past semester. Overall, I think we presented very well as a group and many people complimented us on the work we completed over the fall semester. I never really had an opportunity to look back and see everything our group had put into our project but sharing the experience with other people really helped me appreciate how much we had actually accomplish. Some of the people we spoke with wanted to see this project continue because they felt it was important. Up until that point i was not overly concerned with the impact our project would have, I was more worried about the final grade. However, hearing those compliments made me feel that our group had actually done something meaningful and that it could help bring about some change.
I think our project turned out very well I would just like to say thanks to Shannon, Jackie, and Dale for all the hard work they put in on the project. Good job team.  

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