Monday, December 3, 2012

End of Capstone

Now that capstone is complete, I've had a chance to reflect at this semester.  Throughout the last 10 weeks, my perception of public health has changed.  First, there are many more aspects to public health other than nursing than I originally thought.  The environmental services department and health education department play pivotal  roles in promoting wellness and preventing the spread of disease.  Health education brings the tools and resources to staff and clients alike.  I got to see how the environmental services department prevents the spread of disease through mosquito control.  In addition to that, they help maintain other aspects of our daily lives that often goes without thought, such as food safety at restaurants.

The nursing department is involved in many programs that I have and have not heard about.  Programs including WIC, BCMH, Children Services, Adult Health Clinic and newborn visits are all things that I was able to participate with during my tenure in Lorain.  Prior to this experience I never fully appreciated the scope of nursing practice in the public health setting and how much they monitor in the community.

Overall the capstone experience was good and I look forward to the next stage in the process of becoming an RN.

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