Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Last Screening Days in CMSD

When we were winding down the screening days, which were sometimes hectic and stressful, I realized how much I am going to miss the kindergartners and third graders. They looked up to us and were always excited to spend time with us. The screenings throughout the semester flowed smoothly for the most part. However, sometimes with the special education students it was a challenge to weigh them and take their height. Sometimes this would stress us out but those children were always so loving and playful. A special moment happened the last week of screenings. We were screening at an elementary school and waiting for the kindergartners to arrive in the gym. We had split the gym with the gym teacher and she was conducting a class with special education students on the other half of the gym. We asked her if she had any kindergartners in her class and she had two. One was in a wheel chair and was unable to participate in the study and the other student was being held by a teacher. She was very small and had autism. When we went over to ask the teacher if the girl was willing to participate in the study, the girl reached out for Ellie. She held on so tight to Ellie not wanting to let go. We decided it would be easiest to weigh her by having one of us stand on the scale and zero it, then pass the girl to the person standing on the scale. While I was holding her on the scale, she gave me the biggest hug and looked right into my eyes and smiled. It was one of the best experiences during the semester. She made my day and was able to participate fully in the study. I think a lot of times there is such a negative stigma about special education students, but many of them were so happy and able to follow directions and participate in the study. This semester was a great experience. I learned a lot about the Cleveland Metropolitan School District; it's buildings, students, teachers, struggles and triumphs. I will really miss working with the students next semester!!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bye Bye MRW 5th Graders :(

We just concluded this semester's Capstone with two days of synthesis where all of FPB's seniors relayed their experiences to the rest of us and I realized just how much I will miss seeing MRW's 5th graders. Our last day at the Farm was probably the best to date. The kids were really engaged and retained nutritional information from weeks ago; this impressed all of us seniors. Jessica designed this fun game that had the kids running to the correct answer. The kids loved being outside in the fresh brisk air and the competitive aspect of this activity.

Even though certain days were really frustrating, I enjoyed my Capstone. My group and I were allowed to create our own individualized Capstone. At first we started in one direction and realized that we could have a larger impact if we put our efforts somewhere else. And one of the more rewarding aspects for me is that we are applying for a CCEL grant to continue improving MRW's greenhouse. The foundation is set for future trips to the Farm too; what a great way to ensure our project's sustainability.

I will miss the kids tremendously. A lot of hugs were exchanged on Friday November 18th. I think our group will surprise the 5th graders by appearing at one of their spring field trips. Working within the CMSD brought me closer to understanding the intricate dynamics of public schools in a large city. It also challenged me to be flexible yet organized. Although I didn't realize at the time but my Capstone introduced me to new things and taught me about myself. I really hope that the nursing students who chose this Capstone in the future take away as much as I have.

Friday, December 2, 2011


My experience in Cleveland has been great. I not only got to do my clinical rotations at one of the top hospitals in the U.S (Cleveland Clinic), but I also got the experience to work with patients within the community at the Otis Moss Jr. Health Center, and meet lots of new people. The junior and senior nursing students, professors and all others involved welcomed me with open arms and made my stay not only comfortable but memorable. Coming to Cleveland and studying at CWRU has allowed me the opportunity of not only working on the thoracic floor but also the renal/endocrine unit which gave me a lot of insight on how to perform different tasks (i.e giving meds through a j-tube).  I loved my experience and will forever remember my time and the people that made this transition so much easier for the time that I was here. I am so grateful, however to be going to my family, friend, and very  warm and cozy weather back home. I'll be thinking about you guys while laying on the beach. You all are invited to come visit me in the Virgin Islands at anytime.